Our Top Ten Cricket Tips are going to be on bowling, batting, fielding and wicketkeeping, the four disciplines of the game.

Cricket Bowling Tips:

Here are a variety of bowling tips from some of the great bowlers .

1. In elite cricket, bowlers know what they want to make happen during practice and during matches.

2. Set goals for each practice and match, they need to be challenging and achievable.

3. Break your cricket strategy and goals down into achievable, small steps.

An over is six balls, plan your over, how you  want to build pressure and when you are  going to look to take a wicket during the spell.

Your spell maybe 6 balls in 20 20 Cricket , 5  overs in a one day game and it could be 4-8overs for a seamer or 15 to 20 overs for a spinner in a declaration game.

Plan your spell, know that you want to build  pressure in each over and in your spell.

Pressure brings wickets.

Be patient, take a leaf from the great Glenn  McGrath’s book, sit on the batter with  patience.

4. Know your role …

Discuss what your role and responsibilities  are with your Captain and Coach.

Be clear about it, if you aren’t comfortable  with it, accept it as a job you need to do for your team. There will always be another  game and  an opportunity for a change of role, more to your  liking in another game.

5. Elite bowlers get their head and body slightly forward in their run up … your body angle wants to be leaning  toward your target.

Keep your head still when you run in, allow  your brain to get a good, still picture of the  batter and your target length.

Dale Steyn is wonderful at this, strong and stable in his run up and through his action.

6. Bowl each ball with full intent.

Each ball is an event, it is an opportunity to  build pressure and to potentially take a  wicket.

7. Manage your energy  during your over and  during your spell.

Relax and breathe into your belly between balls, quiet your mind and  then set a goal for each ball, be clear about the delivery you are going to bowl at the top of your mark,

8. Learn to control your stock ball.

You’re not a bowler unless you can land your  stock ball consistently, practice it.

Variation is a variation around your stock  ball, it isn’t 6 different balls an over.

9. Keep your bowling hand close to your body  as you run in and cock your wrist back a  little,  Brett Lee as a fast bowler and Shane  Warne as a spinner are great examples of  this. It keeps the energy of the delivery loaded  close to your body and the wrist action gives  added whip to the delivery.

10. Tap into your subconscious mind.

Model excellence, ‘pretend’ to be your  favourite bowler, copy their action  and their  strategy.