Dreams ….never stop!

2011- Dream to design/build a Cricket Stadium in Niagara – Delivered
2012 – Dream to have Hydro Power to the Stadium – Delivered
2013 – Dream to have Water Source to the Stadium – Delivered
2014 – Dream to build a Turf Pitch Square – Delivered
2015- Dream to have sub-drain around the Stadium- Delivered
2016- Dream of largest Prize Money Event T20 ($30k) – Delivered
2017- Dream to have Mobile Covers – Delivered
2018- Dream to upgrade outfield to international level – Delivered
2020- Dream to have best Super Elite Team – Won Championship
2021- Dream to have underground Sprinkler Systems – Delivered

2022 – Now.. Dream to have Stadium Lights – …To be Delivered !
The “Lights UP NCC” Project is on the table…need all the help to get it off the ground !

NCC Junior Activity Program