All 2014 summer memberships expired on Oct 1st, 2014. The On-Line membership registrations for renewals for the upcoming of 2015 is opened and accepted as of Jan 20, 2015 from all returning players prior to start of indoor practice sessions.

 Please Note: In order to establish a complete & proper database of NCC players information, in this season of 2015, all returning players and new members MUST register on-line. There are no more printed forms to submit and no emails are being accepted anymore starting January 2015. Upon receiving a renewal (or new member) On-Line Form, it will need the usual NCC Board approval prior to acceptance.

The memberships of 2015 are open and being accepted on a first come first serve basis as of Jan 20th,st, 2015.

The On-Line form is first step in renewing all memberships by NCC prior to accepting any new ones. Membership deadline date as established by NCC Board for renewal is Feb 15th, 2015.

NCC Board of directors reserve all rights to limit the number of members and accept or reject any applications.

Cricket Club has planned tentatively its AGM on Sunday April 26, th, 2015 at the White Oaks Club & Resort –  at the Meeting Room adjacent to the Gym on the Club side.