This e-newsletter is the first e-broadcast from the Niagara Cricket Club. Please provide feedback and your comments. You have the option to continue to receive or opt out via reply email.

Club News: The cricket club will continue to hold its regular Indoor Practice Session/Match again this Saturday March 19th from 4:00pm to 7:00PM at the Indoor Soccer/Tennis Facility located in St. Catharines. The indoor 20/20 matches and/or practices will now be held Every Saturday for the next 7 consecutive weeks ending on the first week of May.

All participating players, sponsors and patrons are encouraged to now start visiting the NCC Club Website i.e. currently being updated with info for the ensuing Season of 2011. We also like all interested to follow us on Club’s FACEBOOK and TWITTER. ..Yes ..the CLUB is now on the FACE BOOK under “Niagara Cricket Club” …so feel free to become an NCC friend.

All 2011 Player Registrarions: The PDF Registration Form, Photo Gallery, and 2011 H&D Cricket League Schedule etc. are recently posted at the Club Website. All of the returing players and the new ones currently attending practices /indoor matches will need to Print the PDF Registration Form, fill it and sign it upon arrival prior to start of the next session. The Captains of both teams will also have spare copies of the Registration Form i.e. if a player needs one prior to participating in any of the club scheduled activities. A signed Registrations Form is all you need to make you eligible to particpate in practice matches and 2 league teams trials.

Music & Comedy Show : Since the spring is in the air….NCC is currently planning to have a Dinner, Music and Comedy Show (Bollywood) during late April/early May…. So be prepared to have a fun full of evening with friends and family and look out for date and time to be announced soon.

Niagara Cricket Club