Peter Tichband comes from Australia where cricket is treated culturally the same way Ice Hockey is in Canada, it is a way of life. He started playing when he was 5 years old and finished playing competitive cricket 35 years later. Along the way he played in many levels of cricket including 1st grade club cricket and representative Indoor cricket. He is an All rounder who considers himself a Bowler (off spin)/Batsman  who loves to field and has high expectations of himself and his teammates to perform as athletes and cricket gentleman. He has a love for Test Cricket as it brings in the subtle skills, patience and tactics that make cricket special and believes that the Australian cricket team have been and always will be the leading cricket team in the world.

Board of Directors have appointed him Coach of the Club for 2012. Peter has already shown his value at the indoor nets and all league players know that they have their work cut out by Peter towards their journey to improvement in their competitive cricketing skills.